That Color Teal

I have been loving the fabulous jade shades that we’re seeing in interiors and fashion this fall, and this room really appeals to me.

These jade walls are a daring statement in this living room, but they are balanced nicely by the large rectangles of creamy white in the sofa, rug and drapery.

 The small X shaped footstool with its dark wood grounds it nicely to the rug, while its jade upholstered seat relates back to the bold color choice on the wall.  Notice how just a couple of other jade accents on the pillows are all that’s needed to pull the space together.

 The geometric chair in a orange-red geometric adds the pattern and contrast.  Voila! Instant modern room with a confident, bold color choice.

Teal with gold accents is another rich look for a room.

If you like this color, see how other fearless designers have used it boldly below.

Here’s a great palette of colors to consider if you want to take the bold step of using teal in your space.


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  1. where do i find those teal pillows??

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