5 Top Everyday Resources for You

No matter what the design job is, every decorator has favorite sources that they can’t live without.

I thought I would give you the top 5 sites on my computer that I look at just about every day.

These vendors provide a most valuable service to home decorators.  They provide the “look” without breaking the bank. The first two sites are at higher price points, and the last three are budget friendly. My strategy with higher end sites is to search it for the items I like and then search for them at better prices points elsewhere. Don’t think that you are settling for something “inferior” just because the price is lower.  Many high end designers admit to using these sources, and for good reason.  They know a good thing when they see it.

Check out these sources.  I’ve given you some of my favorite products on these sites too.

1.  Zinc Door @zincdoor.com

this site brings you a wide selection of manufacturers from Oly Studio, Dwell Studio, Arteriors home and many others.  Some of the furniture and lighting can be on the expensive side, but selection is great.  I also look to accessories and bed and bath items on this site to provide that “luxe” element in a room.

2.  Worlds Away Online @worldsonlinestore.com

This site is a favorite resource for many amateur and professional decorators. Yes, the furniture is high end,but the selection is vast, and when you are looking for that one amazing piece to bring a pop to a room, you could find it here.
The nice thing is that many of the decorative accessories and lighting pieces are at good price points and will give you a distinctive “look” in your rooms.   Lots of ways to add a flourish to a new room.
 Tip: I often find Worlds Away items on sale at One Kings Lane (below) at prices well below those on the official site.

3.   One Kings Lane @onekingslane.com

This online store is a must for everyone. Register on their site and get ready for sales everyday with major savings on well known home furnishing brands and more.

I got my new Pangea white round dining table there for 1/3 of the retail price. Great return policies and customer service too.

Tip:  Go today October 16-18 Worlds Away on One Kings Lane At less than 1/2 price!

4.   West Elm @westelm.com

I just bought this  Parsons side table with bone inlay for the living room at a very reasonable price of $300.00.

Everybody uses West Elm, and for good reason.   The styles are current so you can add a piece or two to your room to change the look for little investment, but they are neutral enough to fit somewhere in your home when styles change.  Sometimes that little perk-up can satisfy that decorating urge in all of us.

5. Wisteria @wisteria.com

      Plenty of great reasonably priced pieces that suit many different interior styles.  Here’s a couple of  of my new faves:

silver mirror $259.00

chevron mirror $379.00

I  would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I sometimes look at Target (yes) just to see how their designer collaberation items compare in quality and price to the higher end items.  For example, this lamp by Arteriors on the Zinc Door website:

is $492.00.

 The same lamp base (shade extra) is at Target:
                                                                    for $54.99.
You do the math.  Of course, there are differences in quality and workmanship, but this is not a bad deal for 1/10 the price.  Depending on where the lamp will be used, the Target brand may be all you need. 
Now that Target has joined forces with everyone from Missoni to Nate Berkus to Neiman Marcus (in December), you can expect some fabulous products to be available at really affordable price points.
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