Suzanne Kasler in Connecticut

One of the best things about living in Fairfield County, Connecticut is that we have access to so many wonderful designers and home decorating stores. Occasionally, you might get to go on a House Tour and see fabulous rooms put together by some of the biggest names in design. And if you can’t get to a tour, you can find beautiful Connecticut homes in Elle Decor or House Beautiful or one of the other shelter magazines.  Take a look at this room designed by Suzanne Kasler for her clients in Greenwich Connecticut.  I love the way this room is put together.
If you take away the two modern art pieces, you can see how the room is basically very neutral.  Silk canvas sofas from John Saladino, an antique chaise and some iron and brass side tables by Kasler. Notice that she uses light and dark shades of purple in the console table cloth and on the pillows.  But the whole room jumps to life with the addition of the art, doesn’t it?
This is exactly why I love a neutral scheme.  All you have to do is add the color in art and accessories and the room comes to life.  Then, when and if you want a color change, you move the art and accessories and bring in your new accent colors.
I remember when I saw this room for the first time. I was smitten, aren’t you?
Ms. Kasler has such a sublime color sense that is nothing short of inspired. Nothing is formulaic with her interiors and I think that’s what makes them so compelling.  
Here are a few more pictures of that Connecticut home that is featured in the September 2013 edition of Veranda magazine.  Feast your eyes on them.

Veranda Sept/Oct 2013

All of these rooms are within the same house. Kasler deftly alternates the bold dining room blues with the neutral tones in the larger family and living rooms and it all works seamlessly. Kasler says she uses color strategically, so it ends up feeling subtle.  Another great to study.

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