What’s the Real Scoop on ROI from Home Staging?

Return on investment is a term that is thrown around alot in home improvement and real estate circles.
There are tables and infographics out there that can offer some guidance on what home improvements offer the highest return on your dollar, but there is no “formula” that can be applied to every house.

The truth is each house will have to be judged individually as to what improvements will have the greatest impact in terms of return on investment. Rather than rely on a general list of improvements, a smart home stager will consider many factors before advising the homeowner on where to spend his home improvement dollars prior to listing for sale.

In the Home Gain table above, it really stands to reason that all of the “improvements” in the 90%+ range can make a house show better. In this infographic, “Staging” is listed as a general category under Home Improvement with no definition of what “staging” really is, and the truth is most home stagers consider everything on the list as part of home staging generally. It’s too confusing.

 Instead,  here’s a good list of the main things a stager considers before making recommendations for changes:

  • the price point of the house
  • the age of the house and time since last improvements made
  • the extent of the damage, age, wear or unattractiveness of the items in question
  • the way this house’s features compare with others in a similar area and/or price range
  • the likely target market for the house and what features and details that market will likely find important
  • how much time is available before the property will be listed
  • how much money is available to make the key improvements

There is probably no house that could not be improved upon before heading to the market, but it’s always a question of time and money. However, we do know that buyers love kitchens and bathrooms, so it always makes sense to pay special attention to those rooms.That said, a talented home stager will consider a less expensive cosmetic change wherever possible that can make a major improvement to the look of a space.

 Remember, it’s not the goal of home staging to spend lots of the seller’s money; rather, we’re changing perception here and that can sometimes be done by making minor changes coupled with some ingenuity around the use of space and color.

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