dreaming of house

Darrin Friedman said it best in Realtor magazine this month:

“We, as real estate practitioners, don’t sell houses. We sell the experience of dreams….As long as we believe we are widget peddlers, shelling out houses in vast numbers from one person to the next, we will never grow when our industry desperately needs us to do so”.

So, how do you sell the “experience of a dream”?

Simple. You tap into the imagination behind the dream. Security. Self-expression. The idea of family. Sanctuary. Personal space. Recognition by others. There is so much in dreams.

Most importantly, you create a place where the buyer can project their own dream onto the home they are looking at. You do that by making sure the house isn’t already overcrowded with someone else’s dream.

It’s just not enough to tell a seller to clean up, paint and empty closets. Selling a house today means giving the potential buyer some “room” for his imagination to work. She will not be able to imprint her dream in a room with a dated color palette, worn out carpeting and uninspired or absent landscaping. A buyer is much more likely to think a house is a possible “dream” house if the previous owner has shown great pride in the ownership.

If you’re a realtor and your client needs help in making the property shine before listing for sale, that’s where home staging can really help. The home stager can help by:

  • educating the seller about how to market the house in 2014
  • preparing a detailed report to help the seller make the most important changes and where to spend his staging dollars
  • give advice on color palettes that today’s buyers want to see
  • showing how to get the best “flow” or use of space in the house
  • specifying which updates will resonate with modern-day buyers
  • providing hands-on help for the seller who is confused or worried about how to get the house ready for market.

Don’t go it alone.  A home stager is a partner who can help you showcase your house so that it’s a Dreamhouse to the buyer.


If you would like help creating a home you love or if you want to sell your house for the highest price in the shortest time, please call us for a consultation and we'll get started!

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