10 Good Reasons to Hire a Home Stager

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It’s true that I’m in the business of home staging so I have a bias towards it. But, do you know why?

Because I did it to sell my own house in 2012 when buyers were hard to find. With my Plan in hand, I worked through all the steps and got it sold in 21 days. I am a believer and would never think of selling a house again without going through the same planning and steps I used then.


Here’s a list of 10 reasons why you should hire a home stager when selling your home.

1.  A certified home stager is an impartial, third-party person whose sole reason for coming to your home is to recommend how to improve your property so that potential buyers will want to buy it. Period.  They are not there to give you decorating advise or comment or judge you on your taste. Their purpose is to serve you and your realtor by making your property appealing to many people and ready for the market.

2.  A home stager is not attached emotionally to your house. This gives them the advantage of being able to see your house the way potential buyers will see it. A home stager can help the homeowner understand that the house is now a “product” going to market, and for that reason, it needs to be dressed for that occasion. In other words, updated, polished and poised for its debut.

3. A home stager is familiar with the latest design trends, colors and buyer wants in the current market. They will have a good grasp of the real estate competition in your location and therefore know how your property will be compared to others in your price range.

4.  Home stagers have industry partners such as painters, carpenters, house cleaners and tradespeople they can call on to help you in preparing your house for sale. They can coordinate service people for you and assist in making sure any repairs and updates are done on schedule. You can also benefit from any discounts the stager arranges with other service providers.

5. It is the goal of a home stager to get your house into its best possible shape from the beginning of the marketing process, to reduce the possibility of a price reduction later. When your house comes on to the market in the best possible condition, you reduce the likelihood that a potential buyer will find things to complain about (meaning negotiate about) and increase the likelihood of a faster, smoother sale.

6. A home stager has the training and experience to know what parts of your house can be “showcased” and brought to the attention of buyers as a “plus” about your property. They can also help homeowners deal with “problem” or awkward spaces by creating uses and small furniture groupings or vignetters designed to show a potential buyer how that space could be used.

7. Most home stagers got into the business because they had a natural flair for design.For that reason, they can take much of what the homeowner already owns and put it to use to highlight the best feature of the house , adding in accessories or furniture where it will add to the perceived value of the space.

8. A home stager works with the homeowner and realtor to maximize the homeowner’s financial return on their biggest investment. It is a proven marketing tool to help sell your home faster for the bed t possible price.

9. Home staging is always an advantage, in both slow and hot markets. In both cases, the homeowner is looking for a competitive edge over similar houses in their area.

10. One of the best things about hiring a home stager is that the homeowner can reduce the stress and worry involved in the preparation of a house for the market. The homeowner has many other things to think about during this transition, and it is a relief to have someone on your team to help manage the many details that go into a home sale.



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