I Don’t Want to be Miss America

Miss America 1921

Selling your house is like entering the Miss America contest. Your house is judged mostly by the overall First Impression.

Just like Miss America,  you are  in a contest where the buyer is comparing your home to others and your goal is to win!

Winning means selling your house at the best possible price in the shortest time.

In the Miss American contest, there is only one winner and nobody remembers the runner-up. Sure, all the contestants are beautiful and talented, but something in a contestant’s overall first impression will strike the judges and that person will be the winner.

You want the same for your house. To win.

Knowing this is true, why do so many sellers still say,”I don’t want to be Miss America”? Why don’t they focus everything on a GREAT first impression – starting with the online photos that the buyers will see? Why do they settle for less?

Perhaps it’s because they don’t realize their house is in a beauty contest.

When someone is looking to buy a house, they will be comparing yours to others in the same price range, location and condition. Your house will stand out and win the contest if you pay careful attention to the important items that make a great first impression. Today, that means going the extra mile so your house outshines the competition.

Here’s how to win…

Get your house in tip top shape, remove all clutter, put on the right “make up” (paint, details, etc.), “dress right” by giving it the updated look and feel that will put a smile on the face of your potential buyers.

If you would like to tilt the odds in your favor, we’re here to help.

If you would like help creating a home you love or if you want to sell your house for the highest price in the shortest time, please call us for a consultation and we'll get started!

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