Zillow Digs: Sellers Should Focus on Staging and Curb Appeal

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According to a new Zillow Digs survey, homeowners should focus on Curb Appeal and Staging rather than spend money on expensive renovations prior to selling their homes.

Finally, this survey confirms what home stagers have known all along! Staging goes a long way to make your home appealing and acceptable to potential buyers. People are willing to look beyond older kitchen styles and outdated styles in furniture if the house presents as well cared for and meticulously clean. Those two things cost much less to achieve but are really important if you want to “impress” a buyer as to the quality of the product – your home. When everything a buyer can see looks well looked after it leads them to believe that all the unseen parts of the home have been looked after too.

The top two projects to add the most value, according to the survey are:

curb appeal and staging.

Agents said that home sellers should avoid high price renovations before selling because the increased sale price may not outweigh the time and money spent on a remodel.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to having a home staging consultation prior to listing so you have a plan to carry out only those projects which will add the most value using the least time and money of the seller.

A beautiful front entry, refreshed with great hardware and fresh coat of paint and planting at the door help your home make a great first impression on buyers. Carry that fresh, clean, well-edited look throughout the house and that will go a long way with buyers.

Everybody knows that unless you are looking at new construction, an existing home has been lived in, but the important thing is to show a great pride in ownership in every part of the home, interior and exterior. That leaves buyers with the kind of impression that will lead to offers.

And, the best and least expensive project of all is to declutter your entire home so that it appears you have really edited your belongings and what remains adds to the ambiance of the home making a great impression.

As I’ve said before, a home staging consultation prior to listing a home for sale is part of the selling process, and can save home sellers lots of stress and money during this challenging life event.



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