Whether you are planning to sell your home or you want to refresh it to meet your current needs, my passion is to help you get just what you want.

This passion started in childhood.

When I was a kid, I would rearrange my parents’ living room to look and work better to me, but mom would always move it back to where it was before – the old “everything up against the wall” way.

Along the way I learned that, as a child, I was trying to create “conversation areas” as they are know in interior design circles. Even then, it was intuition that was showing me that people would rather interact in small groups than straight lines.

I never lost the passion, whether I was a college student spending the last bit of money I had on some great wallpaper instead of food, or as a home owner designing our family home.

Along the way I acquired a law degree, a job, husband, family and friends, many of whom asking advice on how to design living spaces that were beautiful, comfortable and reflective of their tastes and personalities. I was happy to help.

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Several years ago, I decided to turn my passion into my profession and began Fearless Edith Homestaging and Design. I began to formalize what I had been doing intuitively for years, and got some credentials in Home Staging. I’ve got both the School of Interior Redesign and The Staging Diva Homestaging certifications.  I also started my writing about design ideas in my blog Fearless Edith.

If you’re curious as to where the name “Fearless Edith” came from, here’s how it came about…

In the early 1900’s, American “interior design” wass being created by fearless pioneers like Edith Wharton and Elsie de Wolfe and others.  Many of them had no formal training in art or design, but they had confidence and intuitive understanding about what makes a house beautiful.

Edith Wharton was my favorite because she was a self-taught, relentless learner who was already becoming a highly paid and noted fiction writer when she turned her attention to decorating. With no formal training, she helped invent a profession that has never gone away. She was my heroine – talented and fearless.


We’ve come a long way in one hundred years. Television, Pinterest, Houzz and magazine publications are great sources of inspiration, but sometimes the average person feels overloaded and a bit paralyzed.  Where to start? It can be intimidating and confusing, even for the most intrepid amateur designer.

That’s where I can help – by showing you how to break down design into bite-size chunks so that your home can look its best – whether for sale or for enhanced living.

You can make better decisions for yourself, reduce the fear of “making a mistake”, and attain that beautiful, comfortable home you want within your budget.

On the Staging side:

I can help you showcase your house to get the highest possible price in the shortest possible time so that you can move on to the next stage of your life.

On the Design side:

I can help you gain confidence and insight to be brave and to style your home to match your taste and budget. I have done this many times, even for clients on Fifth Avenue in New York.

If this sounds like something you want to do, and you live in Fairfield County, Connecticut, give me a call and let’s get started creating beautiful spaces.

Call me, Pat, at Fearless Edith 203-219-5770.