Help for Realtors

Realtors – How To Help Your Clients And Help Yourself

The bad news: Selling a home is tough on everyone.

The good news: You can make it easier on everyone and sell their home faster for more money.

Here’s how…

  1. Understand the new buyer. Cable TV has given them a taste for homes that are move-in ready and the Internet has given them the power to filter before they view. And, they are very busy. That’s a triple whammy. More than ever, buyers aren’t interested in ‘potential’ and all the work that comes with it. Today, a prospective home must make a VERY STRONG first impression.
  2. Understand the seller. They are confused about where to price their home and what they have to do to get it ready for sale. For those who haven’t bought or sold in more than 10 years, they likely don’t understand the new buyer. As you know, EDUCATING them is critical.
  3. Understand yourself. How much time can you spare to help your sellers get their homes to look move-in ready? Do you have the skills to get their home looking its best?
  4. Help your client make a VERY STRONG first impression. Get a professional home stager to help. Free up your time to sell homes. Help your client avoid mistakes that will cost time and money.

In these 6 common situations, a certified home stager can help you a lot:

  1. Your seller has been living in the home for more than 10 years and has made no improvements within that time.  It may be that minor/major repair issues have not be addressed properly, and possibly the client doesn’t feel motivated to do much in the way of improvement, but you know that certain things will need to be addressed.
    Who’s going to help? A home stager will identify what’s important, what’s not, and how to improve that FIRST IMPRESSION most efficiently.
  2. Your seller needs to get to market quickly and is under some time constraints to get the property in top condition before listing. The homeowner may need help in establishing what things are priority issues in terms of repairs and updates and/or needs reliable people to carry out these actions in a timely manner.
    A certified home stager will help set priorities, organize the improvements, and make sure it’s done as quickly as possible.
  3. The seller’s home is in relatively good condition, but could use some updating, floor planning, furniture removal and styling to make it appealing to a modern buyer.
    A certified home stager will help show the home to its best advantage, by focusing on the right ‘look’, using mostly existing materials.
  4. Your seller is too busy to deal with the all-important work necessary to make a strong FIRST IMPRESSION and wants someone else to take care of it.
    A certified home stager will do it all for them – including sourcing contractors, staging furniture and, freshening the look indoors and out.
  5. Your seller is someone who doesn’t live in the local area who is looking to sell a property as part of an inheritance, and needs assistance with all stages of pre-sale from assessment of the property to cleaning and disposal of personal property to make the property market ready.
    A certified home stager will do it all for them – including sourcing contractors, removing ‘junk’, staging furniture and, freshening the look indoors and out.
  6. Your seller is about to downsize to a smaller residence or to an assisted living facility, and needs help with decisions on what to take with them.  At the same time, they need to make the current property market ready for an Open House in the immediate future.
    A certified home stager will help by guiding them in de-cluttering, setting priorities, organizing improvements, and making sure it’s done as quickly as possible.

In each one of these 6 cases, the same truth holds. You only get one chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION to fully showcase the ‘best’ of the home and downplaying the weaknesses.

A poor first impression is likely to lead to a PRICE REDUCTION sooner rather than later.

It could cost your client $10,000 or more, which won’t make them happy.

A properly staged home makes a better first impression, frees up time for you and your seller, reduces the likelihood of price reduction, and shortens the time to sale.

We’d be happy to help. Just call Pat Wellman at Fearless Edith to get started and make it easier for you and your client.