Home Design & Redesign

At its most basic, redesign is about getting the beautiful living space you want without starting from scratch.

It’s about getting a whole new look without spending a small fortune.

Redesign aims to repurpose or rearrange the furniture and pieces you already own to create a new, updated space. Then you add new pieces just where they are needed to create the finished space.

Take a look around your home and see if any of the situations below are troubling you:

• It’s time for a color or style change. You have a room or rooms that need refreshing and you want a little direction or inspiration to get started.

• Maybe you have an awkward space you’ve been living with that you would like to make more functional or comfortable.

• You’ve made some changes but need assistance is seeing the project through to the next stage.

• You’ve recently moved and want to get the space functional and comfortable from the outset and don’t want to invest in a lot of new things.

• You want help in narrowing down some options or help about what to do with the budget you have.

• You need suggestions for paint and color choices. Or maybe, help with furniture placement and the “flow” of space in your rooms.

Sprucing up your space is not as difficult or expensive as you think – especially when you reuse and repurpose.

My mentor, Edith Wharton, said, “The supreme excellence is simplicity”.

With Edith’s guiding principle in mind, you can create a beautiful living space that is comfortable and familiar, yet somehow new and exciting.

We would enjoy the privilege of helping your create the spaces and rooms that inspire you.

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