Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing a residence (your home) for sale in the real estate marketplace.

It is not just one “thing”. It’s really a series of actions that can make the difference between a quick sale at the listing price and a languishing listing that has not caught the interest of potential buyers.

A home stager’s goal is to help the seller see how to make changes to the property (your home) to enhance it in the eye of today’s critical buyer.

It all starts with a walk-through consultation where the stager makes an evaluation of the condition and appearance of the home.

Every house is unique; that’s why a consultation is the best place to start.

When the evaluation is complete, then the home stager will help to create a plan for modifications that will help the home become a desirable listing in today’s market. This might include design or decorating as well as necessary structural fixes.

The benefit of having a plan is that it greatly reduces a home seller’s stress during a most stressful time by providing a plan and a timetable to get the work done.

Once the consultation is complete, the seller knows exactly what’s needed to prepare the home for sale. The seller (you) can decide what work she wants to do herself and what she wants the home stager to handle.

Why Should I Use a Home Staging Service?

• Experts know that a well-prepared home will sell for the best price and in less time than competing homes on the market. • Your home is your biggest investment and you want to recapture the maximum equity possible when you sell it. • Home stagers are in the business of creating beautiful, appealing spaces so that your home will make a positive first impression. That’s the impression that counts. • A well-staged home helps a potential buyer envision themselves happily living in that space and calling it “home”. If you can get them to do that, you motivate them to make an offer.

How Much Will It Cost To Stage My Home?

In today’s market, home staging will definitely cost a lot less than the first price reduction on your house, which may come as early as 30 days after listing if there has been little interest at that point.

That’s why a home staging evaluation can benefit every home seller – simply because it will make the homeowner aware of what the buying public expects in today’s market.

The 2 hour consultation gives the homeowner a practical guide that will guarantee that the key issues have been pointed out and addressed prior to listing.

Beyond that, cost is dependent on a number of factors such as the size of the house, and whether any furniture or other rentals are needed. It is our preference to keep costs in check by utilizing as much of the homeowners goods as possible, supplementing, when necessary, with other rented or purchased items.

Generally speaking, it can cost as little as $175 for the 2 hour consultation which gives you a great starting point. Experts say that staging can cost from 1% to 3% of the listing price, but keep in mind that this is only if you are renting a substantial amount of furniture and not doing any of the preparation work yourself.

Usually, sellers want to do some of the easier work themselves and only call on specialized trades people when necessary. (Electrical, plumbing, carpentry are some examples). Some sellers will use the stager for the finishing touches after all the repairs and rearranging has been done. There are many ways to work with a home stager.

Most people who stage their home say it’s worth it because they know that you only get one chance to make a great first impression – with buyers and realtors.

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