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If you want to sell your home in less time for the most money, we can help.

It starts when you make a great first impression on a potential buyer, which is more important than ever – because these days, 90% of buyers get their first impression of your home online. Your home has to be “photo ready” and looking great before it’s even listed.

That’s why home staging is so important. It helps showcase your home’s most positive features while downplaying any less attractive features. It helps the buyer visualize herself and her family living happily in your home.

To make that great first impression, we offer different levels of service, depending on your needs and budget. If you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer with lots of free time, our consultation package may be all you need. If you are pressed for time or prefer more hands-on help, our Hot Spots or Ready To Sell services might be more appropriate.

Home Staging Packages include:

Express Package :              

This takes about the same amount of time as a lunch date and is designed as a convenient choice to deal with the central rooms of a property. We will come to your home, review your property, and come up with a top 10 priorities list that will outline an effective action plan to begin your preparation quickly and efficiently.

You’ll also receive:

  • Fearless Edith’s home checklist that gives you up-to-date tips on home staging
  • Fearless Edith’s Seller’s Kit for Keeping your Staged Home “ready to show”


Comprehensive Package:              

This is ideal for the seller who knows there is work to be done before the home can be placed on the market.  With this service, we’ll take 2 hours to review the interior and exterior of your home and provide suggestions to create an action plan to get you ready for the market. We’ll give you a written report with:

  • Recommendations for re-arranging existing furniture layout and storage of excess furniture
  • Recommendations on options to improve color and lighting
  • How to improve curb appeal to for “drive-by” buyer inspections
  • Identification of necessary repairs and updates
  • Recommendations for replacement of fittings, hardware and accessories
  • A prioritized list of changes that will have the biggest transformational effect
  • Creative and money-saving ideas to help you stage your home
  • The best ways to attack clutter issues for all areas of the home.

You’ll also receive:

  • Fearless Edith’s home checklist that gives you up-to-date tips on home staging
  • Fearless Edith’s Seller’s Kit for Keeping your Staged Home “ready to show”
  • Additional half-hour of phone/email support as needed.


Hot Spots Package :              

This includes a full interior and exterior assessment of the property as well as four additional, hands-on ‘power hours’ focused on the 4 Hot Spots in the house – the 4 key areas that are critical to first impressions. If they aren’t right, the buyer won’t go much further. You’ll get all the benefits of an action plan and hands-on staging in one package.

The 4 key areas are ‘curb appeal’, entry, kitchen, and baths. It’s here that we provide ‘hands-on’ help you get all the big and little details just right so that your Hot Spots are ‘photo ready’. We also include a ‘seller’s kit’ with more tips and suggestions to help you.

$495.00 (4 hours of “hands-on” staging as well as complete interior/exterior  consultation)

4.  Ready to Sell Package             

This includes a complete interior/exterior consultation, Hot Spots, as well as all other major living areas. We provide ‘hands-on’ help in all living areas (including Hot Spots) so that you get all the big and little details just right to make your whole home ‘photo ready’ with a ‘wow’ factor when the buyer walks through your door. We also include a ‘seller’s kit’ with more tips and suggestions to help you.

$795.00 (up to 10 hours including Assessment)

5. A La Carte Services:

$80.00 per hour

If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and you just need a couple of hours of help at the point of styling for an open house, we can do that too.

Whatever your budget, the money you spend on improving the appearance of your home before selling will be small compared to the big advantages your well- staged home will have when it is compared to others on the market. A property that shows as well maintained, bright, and refreshed will be perceived by today’s buyers as having more value.

In today’s market, why leave anything to chance? Get your property in great shape before listing. At Fearless Edith Home Staging and Design, we’re here to help.

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design for rl

If you are staying in your home and looking to create beautiful, refreshed rooms at a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design, Design for Real Life is for you.

Sometimes called “Redesign” or “One Day Redesign”, this process focuses on using much of the furniture and accessories you already own to make a more beautiful room with maximum function.

We provide solutions for the design dilemmas that keep you from enjoying your rooms, such as: poor use of space, outdated color schemes or fabrics, storage issues, or tired flooring, counters and fixtures, lighting problems and ineffective accessorizing. Where necessary, we can suggest appropriate new furnishings.

This service is intended to give your home a new lease on life, a lot more style and function, always keeping in mind your budget.

Whether you need a little help or a complete redesign, we are here to help make it easy and affordable.

Here are our rates:

Initial Consultation:          $175.00 (up to 2 hour consultation)

Hourly rate thereafter:    $80.00

for staging

Life is full of surprises and changes. And sometimes you might need a little help deciding what to keep and what to let go of  – so you can move on to the new stage.

Our home staging and design services can help make many “transitions” easier and more beautiful too. Almost all us will experience one or more of the following transitions:

  • Baby boomer downsizing
  • Relocation
  • Combining households
  • Aging in Place
  • Senior move management
  • Selling a house to settle a loved one’s estate
  • Empty nest redesigns of a grown child’s room

Fearless Edith Home Staging and redesign services can help with any of these transitions so that you can get on with the business of living your new life.

Hourly rate:    $80.00.

For larger jobs, we will provide an estimate in advance.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (for either Redesign or Home staging)

  • Paint and finishes consultations
  • Vacant or Model Home Staging
  • Shopping services

Hourly rate:    $80.00.