Sold in 21 Days

sold in 21 days

How do you sell a house for in 21 days in a down market for 98% of the listed price?
You mix pragmatism, a smart realtor, a healthy dose of home staging, and a bit of luck.

Here’s the story.

A Baby Boomer couple were rattling around in their big suburban home after their daughter had been at college for a few years.

When she announced that she wouldn’t be moving home again because she wanted to get on with her life, it was time to sell. The house was too big now, the equity in it could be put to better use, and the upkeep was time consuming and getting expensive.

Here’s where pragmatism came into the story.

The couple decided not to delay. Once they agreed it was time to go, they went into action.

This meant immediate de-cluttering of the house – getting rid of all the junk that had collected over 22 years, deciding what to keep, and preparing the home for potential buyers. This checklist made it easier.

While they went through the sometimes painful decisions involved in getting rid of clutter, they found a smart realtor who did a thorough review of houses for sale in the area and suggested a list price for the home. This was important because the couple hadn’t been in the market for over 20 years and needed a pragmatic, real assessment of their home’s value – devoid of emotion.

Next step was home staging. This meant making the house attractive to buyers – so that they could see themselves in it.

The home stager worked with the realtor and decided that a few structural fixes were necessary with most of the focus on making the house ‘photo ready’ so that it would show well on Internet listings.  And, it would make a terrific first impression on both realtors and buyers when they walked in the door.

Walls were repainted in neutral colors, some furniture was rearranged, the shower in the bathroom was updated, and strategic tweaks were applied to everything from the laundry room to the finished basement.

By the time the home was listed, it looked fresh, inviting, and, most important of all, like a home any buyer could visualize themselves in.

The realtor open house was a hit. They all saw that this home would sell itself and they were eager to show it to their clients.

Within days, they were bringing their clients through the house and getting rave reviews.

Here’s where luck comes in. But, first, a definition of luck.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

All the preparation to create a ‘move-in ready’ look paid off.

A buyer arrived who was tired of looking at homes that needed “work” and decided this was just the home for her. After she had it inspected and found virtually nothing that needed fixing, she made an offer 21 days after the home was listed. The sale was quick and smooth.

When asked why she chose this house, she said, “It was so easy to see myself in it. It looked great and was structurally in solid shape. So, all I had to do was decorate it to my own tastes.”

Thanks to pragmatism, a smart realtor, and a healthy dose of home staging.